Garage Makeover Guide

Since garages are big open spaces, they tend to turn into a dumping ground of miscellaneous items that can’t be stored in the home. It’s a common problem in American households and it usually gets so bad, people continue to ignore the problem rather than deal with it. Why is this? Garage organization can be expensive, time-consuming, and require many helping hands to get the job done efficiently. These tips will help you to finally roll up your sleeves and tackle this project.

Before you start reorganizing, you must take every item out of the garage if you want to reorganize the most efficiently. Go through the items and decide which items you need to keep, which ones you can donate, and items you can throw out. The more helping hands, the easier the project will be. It’s a good idea to designate a few days, or multiple weekends if you work, to focus on this project.

Once you have cleared out the garage, start organizing. You can purchase vertical and ceiling storage systems to utilize space better and clear up floor space. Use the walls to hang hooks, racks, peg boards, and other systems. Also, utilize ceiling space using ceiling systems to store seasonal or rarely used items. This will also clear up floor space in the garage.

Other systems you can use for storage and organization include shelves, recycled office furniture, plastic storage bins, cabinets, and more. In addition to these systems, use labels so that you can easily find and put back items after use. You can find many do-it-yourself tips on the internet to store items efficiently. For instance, you can use everyday items, like plastic cups, to store screws and other small hardware items.

Cost-effective garage storage solutions are closer than they may appear. Consider hiring a professional to help make this process smoother and easier than if you were to tackle such project alone.