Hiring Checklist

There are many things you’ll want to consider if you’re a hiring manager recruiting candidates. You’ll want to keep a checklist so that you follow the same protocol for each new hire. You’ll also need this to keep track of recruitment efforts. This checklist can always be changed as new trends emerge and things need revising. Follow this checklist example to get started.

  1. Answer this question: Why do you need a new employee? Identify the role this individual will take on and what their daily tasks will be.
  2. Determine the qualifications, characteristics, traits, and experience the candidates will need in order to carry out this role.
  3. Start writing out the job description you’ll use in advertisements and job postings. Include the job duties, experience the individual needs, and what character traits the person should hold.
  4. Numbers should be discussed between the hiring managers and the bosses. Decide the salary this position deserves and identify whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time hire.
  5. Another decision to make is whether you’ll post this job opening internally or have to hire outside of the office. If internal, send e-mail blasts and hang it up throughout the office.
  6. If not, extend the search to external candidates. Advertise in newspapers and online to bring in applicants.
  7. Spread the information through word-of-mouth communication to people in the industry. This will improve the likelihood that candidates who are fit for the position will apply.
  8. Post jobs online through social media like LinkedIn, your company’s website, job sites, and Craigslist.
  9. After you have a pool of candidates, start sifting through the ones you’ll consider. Then, call their references as a background check.
  10. Start interviewing your candidates. Take notes to report back to your bosses and discuss each candidate. If you all agree that one fits the job best, make a job offer!

Use these ten tips to improve your company’s hiring strategy. These guidelines will make your hiring processes fool-proof!