How to Become a Business Lawyer in New York

Lawyers work to resolve legal disputes for their clients. There are many different specializations of law so that professionals can become experts in specific areas. One of these areas of specialization, known as business law, revolves around issues affecting business activities. This can include intellectual property and taxation. This area of focus is very common since business is the foundation of our entire economy. Business disputes are also very common, creating a need for legal intervention. This article will discuss business law so individuals considering this profession can make a wise decision.

Lawyers work full time in the office and usually work additional hours, like to prepare a case or catch-up on work following a court appearance. Becoming a lawyer in itself is a tedious process when it comes to education. In order to practice business law, many may choose to earn a master degree in law. If not, a lawyer can still practice law after getting proper training in the workplace. Mentors can help new attorneys with the day-to-day process including writing legal documents and trial preparation for business related cases.

The education process is tedious when it comes to becoming a lawyer. First off, an individual will need to obtain an undergraduate degree. To become a lawyer, the individual does not have to major in anything specific. However, if the student is considering business law they may major in business or business administration so they are familiar with the fundamental aspects of the field.

The next step to become a lawyer is to pass the LSAT exam, also known as the Law School Admission Test. After taking the test, an individual will send the score with the application to get accepted into their law school of choice. This exam takes months of preparation in order to pass. Law admission schools are very competitive so it’s important to strive for the best possible scores.

Once you are accepted, the goal is to graduate from law school. It typically takes three years to finish law programs if taking on a full-time schedule. After passing law school with a degree, individuals must pass the bar exam in order to practice law. Each state differs when it comes to bar exams. This test is typically multiple choice questions and essays. If you want to practice law, you must pass the bar exam no questions about it. That’s why many prepare for months in order to pass.

New York State business lawyers are the most qualified professionals to tackle cases pertaining to company legal issues.