Shipping Tips for Your Ecommerce Business

Shipping is typically a dreaded topic of conversation for the business and the customer alike. While customers can’t stand the extra fees tagged on to their purchases, businesses hate them all the same. The problem is a lot of businesses simply pay too much for shipping. A lot of businesses don’t understand the shipping world at all. This article will clear up a few things so your business can make the most of its ecommerce website through shipping in a more profitable manner.

Packaging is a major part of ecommerce and shipping processes. Many businesses have decided to package their products in smaller packaging with some protective cushioning. Uline packaging is very common among businesses because it has many different boxes, bubble mailers, and package cushioning. While boxes are commonly used for shipping, it’s a good idea to look at other packaging materials to save your business money.

Offering various customer shipping options is important for an ecommerce website. Many businesses have decided to utilize free shipping to avoid customers abandoning their shopping cart. However, shipping is never free, leaving the responsibility on the business itself. Some ways companies make up for this is by increasing product cost, paying for shipping out of margins, or increasing the prices slightly so both you and the customer pay. More popular, however, is the use of offering free shipping on minimum order amounts to increase the average order size to make up for the company’s loss through shipping costs.

Shipping rates are calculated based on many various factors. These factors include the size of the package, the weight, the country it’s going to, the country it’s departing from, tracking, and insurance. Typically, businesses will use UPS or FedEx for shipping packages of various sizes. It’s important to do pricing comparisons so you make the smartest decision for your business.

For successful businesses, it’s important to keep low shipping rates to maximize profitability and increase customer satisfaction. These tips will help achieve both.